Stay Hungry.

When I woke up this morning, I had never heard of Anthony Bourdain.

That changed when I opened twitter and amongst the first scrolls noted this tweet from Jonathan Caroll. Being a fan of the author, I paused read the phrase, then I paused and re-read it.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 18.32.48

Not being unusual for Jonathan Carroll to tweet or retweet selected snippets of literature, artists or philosophers, I was curious which category Bourdain fell into.  Promptly feeding ‘Anthony Bourdain’ back into a search engine I came up with the – by now – obvious result.

Pointedly first that he was a Chef, and secondly that he was dead. Having both those facts arrive at the same time was a little unusual.

“He’s a Chef.” (…was a Chef)

“He died.” (Today…)

“He’s a Chef, who wrote about enlightenment?”

Perhaps the more forgiving of you will understand my mild confusion in the moment.

I have known as colleagues and as friends many cooks, and chefs. I know them each to be intelligent, creative people. Yet still it seemed an odd kind of combination.

After a little reading, and eventual conversation with a friend (who’s college professor happened to be interviewed by Bourdain once) I quickly came to realise that Bourdain was – like all of us more than any one thing. As he points out, we would be wise to remember it.

To continue to learn, to stay hungry.

To the many generous friends and family (chefs, cooks and otherwise) in my life; treasure the meals and time you have with loved ones, I am more grateful than you know to have been amongst them.

To Anthony Bourdain; thanks for the inspiration, sorry I was so late to the table.

We never really know how far we have to go before our next meal, or where it might come from, enjoy it while you have it.

Grubs up.


3 thoughts on “Stay Hungry.”

  1. I absolutely revered Anthony Bourdain. I followed him all around the world, and sat through countless meals as he ate and commented on them, usually with a guide or a friend, on a beach, atop a mountain, in a restaurant, or a bar, etc. To hear him tell it, he had a hard knocks life of his own making. To the world he eventually crossed mountains as opposed to carrying them.

    Yet, his addictive personality haunted him, and as we now know left him no other choice [in his mind] but to put an end to his ghosts, before they ended him. Even though I’m not at all into suicide, I will forever be grateful to Anthony for his many shares on cooking, eating, socializing, humor, philosophizing, etc. He came as far as he could. I suppose that’s brave for him. Although a little sad, I’m happy he was here until…he wasn’t!


    1. Thanks for the comment and thoughts, It is of course the sad complex of when creatives like this leave us under sad circumstances. I’m fortunate to be able to enjoy the legacy he left behind starting from now. Grateful to be able to join the table for desert as it were even if I missed the main. Stay hungry.

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